5 things not to say (and to say) to someone during IVF

Jules Furness

I’m sure the majority of people mean well, but it can be really easy to say the wrong thing to someone going through IVF…and not just because their hormones may be all over the place like mine right now! So I’ve teamed up with Fertility Network UK (visit them here http://julesf.me/FertilityNetwork) to tell you what I wish hadn’t been said to me and what I wish had been during IVF. There is also a video on the myths about fertility (bet there are some you ddn’t know!) over on channel mum (http://julesf.me/CMInfertility). Whether you nod along because your in the same position or it helps stop you putting your foot in it with a friend, I hope it helps. Please help spread the word about fertility using the hashtag #HiddenFaces