Anxiety & Mental Health Difficulties – Don’t keep it all in | Charlotte The Magpie

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Channel Mum UK mummy vlogger Charlotte the magpie talks about Anxiety & Mental Health Difficulties and why you shouldn’t keep it all in.

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My name is Charlotte and i am a mama of 5. I live in Yorkshire in the UK with my husband and children. I am a work at home mum/entrepreneur. I am a sponsored vlogger for Channel Mum.

I am passionate about helping women fulfil their potential and find creative ways to deal with stress, anxiety and mental health issues. My work varies hugely but includes my Nest Creative Beginnings retreats for women, my sponsored vlogger work, my micro blogger/influencer work, my newly created soulful life & business coaching work and my subscription boxes, Rainbow Soul Surprise Box & Rainbow Soul Mama Box and a few other bits and bobs i like the dabble in. I am basically the ‘Del Boy’ of mums!! (p.s. i am also a trained doula and creative birth preparation coach))

My family range from 1, 4, 6, 11 and 14years with 3 girls and 2 boys. My family life is pretty crazy as we are not the most organised of people and are very busy!

I am an ‘attachment/gentle parent’ and that is what i try to practise which for us means, co-sleeping, baby wearing, full term breastfeeding, trying to eat a ‘natural, unprocessed’ diet (usually failing dismally! i love cake way too much!), home birthing. (3 hospital births including one c-section, and 2 unassisted home births).

I am maybe not your typical “hippy mama’ although that is what i call myself because i do have a huge love for full make-up at all times, trashy TV (Love Island, Big brother my favs!) and Primark!!

My life is eclectic as our my interests and videos, but i figure how can be authentic if i only show what i think people will want to see and not all the randomness in between!! After all it’s the randomness that i think makes people interesting!

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Anyway you are very very welcome here, i would love to see your comments and will answer as many as i can. Cheerio for now!!!
from Charlotte xx

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