ASD? Edith update

Lisa Lum

Edith is now 6 and a half and she’s amazing. She’s loving, caring, full of happiness and humour. She lights up our world. She also happens to have a 2p14 deletion, various issues alongside that but it doesn’t change that she is one of the best humans to exist. Ever.

I’m Lisa, aka Lumdeedums and this is my little corner of odd.
I have 3 children of my own, 1 boy and 2 girls with my husband, Darren.
I do WITL, hauls, cooking, hair dos and random stuff alongside documenting my journeys as a surrogate.
I do both TS (Traditional surrogacy) and GS (Gestational Surrogacy).
I’ve had one surrogate baby so far as a traditional surrogate and am now documenting my journey as a Gestational Surrogate!

Our youngest child is undergoing diagnosis for special needs. Suspected ASD and SPD.
This process will be documented too.

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