Autism; Hearing test & speech & language initial appointmen

Lisa Lum

So her hearing test was fine. No issues at all
Initial speech and language therapy session resulted in nothing. Fab…
Back in limbo land.
I need cocktails.

I’m Lisa, aka Lumdeedums and this is my little corner of odd.
I am a surrogate, both TS and GS.
I’ve had one surrogate baby so far as a traditional surrogate and I will be documenting my next surrogacy journey.
I am looking to match again but this time as a gestational surrogate.
I will document as much as I can. From the match, to IVF. Pregnancy tests to ultrasound scans. Pregnancy vlogs and emotional updates. Just like last time.
I am married to Darren and have been for 10 years (together for 17) we have 3 children, George 8, Alice 7 and Edith 3.
Also a dog Molly, cats Sirius and Hermione, guinea pig Harry and fish!
We document parts of every day life in day in the lives (DITL), do the odd chatty vlog, tutorial, reviews and the like.
Also doing updates as my daughter undergoes an autism (we believe) diagnosis.

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Instagram is private and under Lumdeedums