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If your baby suffers with colic or constipation, baby massage can be a really effective way of naturally treating it. The stimulation that comes from the different strokes can help to soothe these issues, meaning a happier baby and, in turn, a happier mummy!

There are a few specific strokes that are particularly helpful for treating colic and constipation, and in this second video of our Baby Massage Course, expert Gayle Berry is here to show you step by step how to do them.

Make sure you’ve watched part one of the Baby Massage course before you dive into this one, as it gives you an overview of everything you need to know before you get started. You can watch part one right here.

And for the next video in the course make sure to check back to this page next week.

Don’t forget if you have any questions about baby massage (or anything else for that matter!) to head on over to our Chat and Support Group.

How To Massage A Baby

The baby massage strokes that we use to treat colic and constipation are as follows:
– Resting Hand
– Paddling
– Elevated Paddling
– Side Stroke
– Full Circle
– Rainbow
– Raindrops
Watch the full video to find out exactly how to do each of these strokes.

Taking part in this video:

Sarah-Jayne Fragola
Gayle Berry

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