Baby Massage Introduction

Mumma Love Organics

It’s a mother’s natural instinct to cuddle and caress her baby. Incorporating massage into your baby’s daily routine can be so beneficial for both you and your child. Massaging your baby gives you that special time when you can both relax and be together.

Different cultures have practiced massage on their baby for hundreds of years. To this day families form these cultures, such as Nepal, Malaysia and India, recognize the value of massage to promote health and a sense of well – being in both mother and child.

Long before babies say their first word, or even respond to us by sight or sound, they communicate and try to understand the world around them through touch. The power of touch to soothe and settle is instinctive to a mother. If a baby cries or if fretful we may cuddle them or stroke them, affectionately massaging your baby is an extension of a mother’s natural instinct to care for her baby.