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Welcome to Atlas’ room… Well, his bed at least.

In this video we discuss our current living situation, moving from being tiny house dwellers, to now house sharing with a baby.

Atlas has stopped co-sleeping and now has his own bed, but thankfully he is still in the same room as us. We show you around some of his favourite nursery items, such as his Ikea cotbed, his Etsy mobile and his dinosaur sleeping bag.

As well as the baby room tour, we will also show you our night time routine, which usually starts at around 5pm with dinner time, followed by a bath, some baby massage and a bedtime story.

We feel blessed to be sharing such a lovely space and even more fortunate to have a baby who sleeps through… hopefully you can get some tips here for your own sleep routine.

We’d love to hear how this compares to your space in the comments below and if you’d like see more room tours, head to the Channel Mum Website:

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Firstly, big thanks to our friend Kayleigh for Atlas’ hand painted plaque.

Handmade Felt World Mobile

Dinosaur Sleeping Bag

Ikea Cot Bed

Ewan The Sheep Sleep Aid

Essential Oils by @essentiallylucy

Brush Baby Toothbrush and Toothpaste