Baby Sleep Tips | How to get a baby to sleep through the night.

Lara Jarvis

I was asked by Channel Mum to share my top tips for getting a baby or toddler to sleep and having cracked it with both our boys I knew I wanted to share my tips with you!
When your baby is born, they have no concept of day or night – they have no routine, they won’t sleep throughout the night. BUT this won’t last forever, soon they will get into more of a routine, they will have a bedtime and they will slowly start to sleep for longer periods throughout the night.

I have written a blog post with 5 more tips with the help of baby expert Sarah Beeson so if you would like some more baby sleep tip advice then pop over and have a read of that too 🙂

I would love to know any more tips you could share which worked for you, pop me a comment below. Or if any of these worked for you please let me know!

Do what’s right for you and your baby, don’t listen to anyone who tells you their baby slept through at 2 weeks!!
Just remember, this won’t be forever and before you know it they will be tucked up in their own bed all night and all you’ll want is for them to be downstairs with you having cuddles!!

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