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Our baby boy is growing up so fast, so to keep him entertained, and to help us feel a bit healthier, we have been taking him to try some of our favourite activities.

First of all, Holly took Atlas to a mummy and baby yoga class at “Spoilt Mama” in Hertfordshire. These yoga classes, ran by Angela Holland, were recently featured on Sam Faiers “The Mummy Diaries” and offer everything from birth preparation and pregnancy yoga, through to post-natal sessions.

Daddy is not a flexible as mummy, so his choice was to go bouldering (a shorter, un-roped version of rock climbing). We went to The Lock Climbing Wall in Essex, which offers both roped and un-roped climbing.

Mummy and daddy are both pretty good climbers, but haven’t climbed together since becoming pregnant last year. We might have been a bit rusty, but we had a fun afternoon together and Atlas proved he definitely has climbing in his genes.

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