Neave Family Vlogs

This is ‘Blue’ our 12 yr old Border Terrier. We have had Blue since he was 8 weeks old. At around 6-7 yrs of age he had his first CECS episode , although we thought it was an epileptic type fit at that point. The Vet wasn’t particularly helpful so I took to the Internet to seek answers where I came across CECS, which I then realised was what Blue has. He regularly experienced these episodes, ranging from very mild (like the one shown in this video) to more severe where his whole body would literally flip and he would be sick afterwards. It got to the point where he could be having several a month.
A few years later Blue became ill and was eventually diagnosed with Pancreatitis, over the following months we were advised by our Vet to change his diet from what we thought was a good quality food to a much cheaper food (Chappie) . We did and this improved his Pancreatitis attacks greatly, we also stopped feeding him any other treats. However, over the following months I noticed another difference, his CECS episodes significantly declined and now he only has between 3-5 episodes per year!! Whether this is a result of changing his diet I am not sure, the Vet seems to think it could quite possibly have helped.
So as I gained a lot of my knowledge of CECS from Youtube videos of other people’s Dogs with it I thought I would post about our Dog and maybe it may help someone else.
I am clearly not a Vet so I would advise that you also seek advise from your Vet also.