Charlotte Louise Taylor

BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS & WHAT I’M READING NOW: So, ever since I showed some recent book purchases a while back, quite a few of you have asked if I’d do some book-related videos and book reviews. So I hope this helps! And that you enjoy! Links for each book below! xx

The Summer Seaside Kitchen –
Before I Let You In –
Behind Closed Doors –
Lie With Me –
The Good Mother –
The Muse –
Perfect –
Lyrebird –
Whatever It Takes –
The Wonder –
Black Water Lilies –



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I’m Charlotte.

I’m 28, love carbs, rubbish 90’s music, Prosecco and baths without finding a bath toy stuck under my bum.

I have a little boy called Bill (born June 2012) and a little girl called Daisy (born April 2016).

I am, very recently, a full-time vlogger and blogger (the stuff dreams are made of), but I am also a trained journalist, former magazine editor, and content lead.

I’m also part of Channel Mum – which is really worth checking out if you’re a mama like me and want to find videos to make you laugh, cry, nod, or get advice.

I was a single mum, just me and Bill. But then I had a bit of a fairytale moment when I met Mark (he’s a bit lovely) and things are better than I could have hoped for now. Daisy was born with Stickler Syndrome, and a cleft palate like me. Her start has been rocky but she’ll be fine. She’s got a family who adore her after all.

I know that all mums are different in their own way, but I hope you enjoy seeing snippets of my life, all the same.

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