Building a yurt in 1.5 hours (the ultimate pop up tiny house!)

Lulastic Hippyshake

This is our six metre yurt being erected last weekend. It is made in NZ by Jaia yurts. Shout out to all the friends that turned up to help! Read more about yurts below….

Why live in a yurt?

People all over the world are making themselves at home in a modern take on the traditional Mongolian structure used for their housing. Translated “yurt” means “home.”

When we bought our new land we had the opportunity to get the home we have always wanted. We were looking at moving on a beautiful old wooden cottage, or building from scratch- something like a cob house or earth ship.

But the more we did costings, looked at our situation and sat and thunked, we realized that we wanted to keep living in yurts! Yurts are quick to put up, affordable, low impact and mobile.

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