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We’ve all heard of postnatal depression. It’s a huge thing when a new baby enters the family. Routines are thrown out of whack, relationships are put on hold, not to mention the tiredness that comes with the sleepless nights! But have you ever noticed how dads very rarely get asked how they’re doing?

Postnatal depression in men is a very real thing, and to help bring awareness and hopefully help any dads out there who might be watching, we chatted to the amazing Dr Anna Machin. She is an anthropologist with a specific interest in dads, and she has just released her new book ‘The Life Of Dad’.

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And don’t forget to head on over to our Support Group if you ever need someone to speak to. It’s not just a place for mums! You can even post anonymously.

What are some signs of depression in men?

Feeling unusually low, having extreme anxiety or worries, and a feeling of inadequacy or not being able to cope are just some of the signs and symptoms to look out for. The rule of thumb is if you just don’t feel like yourself, talk to someone, whether that be a friend, a family member, a GP or someone in our support group. Speaking up is the first and most important step.

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