Poet Hollie McNish Chats To Nomadi Daddy – Channel Mum Meets

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Welcome to the newest Channel Mum Meets … in this series we have a good old chat to some of our favourite celebrity mummies, and get a decent helping of gossip.

This time we sent Holly and Skinner to visit Hollie McNish, who is a poet, author and spoken word artist. She is a single mother and her poems cover hard-hitting topics such as breastfeeding in public, gender stereotypes and gang crime. And as if she wasn’t amazing enough already, Hollie has even written a poem specifically for Channel Mum about our mantra, ‘You Are Not Alone’. Watch the video to hear it!

What Is Poetry?

Contrary to popular belief, poems don’t have to rhyme. Poetry is writing that uses a distinctive rhythm and style. Many of Hollie’s poems don’t rhyme, but you can hear the rhythm as she reads them.

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Taking part in this video:

Hollie McNish
Nomadi Daddy

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