Mother Pukka AKA Anna Whitehouse chats to Nomadi Daddy – Channel Mum Meets

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Welcome to the third episode of Channel Mum Meets … in this series we have a good old natter with some of our favourite mummies that are rocking life, and get a decent dose of gossip.

Our dynamic duo Nomadi Daddy and TheTinyMumma visited Anna Whitehouse, better known in the world of the internet as Mother Pukka.

Who is Mother Pukka?

Anna Whitehouse created the Mother Pukka blog to write honest reviews and share her thoughts on parenting without holding back. She’s a journalist, editor and mum of two adorable daughters. She’s also released a book that is lovingly titled ‘Parenting The S*** Out Of Life’, and created ‘Flex Appeal’ which promotes flexible working hours.

After a great deal of laughter about g-strings and the need for a shower, we got a look into the Flex Appeal Flashmob and Anna’s book which talks about that ‘glimmer of hope’ for parents.

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