Channel Mum Vidcon 2017 | NomadiDaddy

Nomadi Daddy

Hey all, here’s a quick look at this years MumVidCon, hosted by Channel Mum at YouTube HQ in London. We had an amazing time meeting other like minded mums (and dads), learned loads of cool stuff about creating digital content and heard some inspiring stories.

Atlas made daddy jealous by getting hugs from some of the yummiest mummy’s in the business, including Mrs Meldrum, Louise Pentland, Giovanna Fletcher and The Unmumsy Mum.

Thankfully I also got to hang out with some cool dad vloggers too, so here’e to Jason King, Chris Ingram, Daniel Young and Doug Powley.

The biggest thanks of all has to go to Channel Mum for organising such an incredible day. We feel very fortunate to have been invited and we actually won an award for our live birth video – We are now officially award winning vloggers!!! ha ha ha

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– Nomadi Daddy.

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