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Many mums end up hitting the 40 weeks pregnant mark and praying for baby to turn up. They’ll try curries and sex… there are some seriously strange old wive’s tales out there. But sometimes baby fancies making an early appearance, and when that happens things can get a little hectic to say the least.

Charlie (from JK and Charlie) was planning a water home birth, but baby Luna had other ideas. At just 36 weeks pregnant Charlie’s waters broke, and the plans all sort of fell through. See how they got on with this whirlwind of a birth story.

See the full, uncut live videos of Charlie’s birth here

What Is An Episiotomy?

It’s a small cut that doctors make in your vagina to allow baby’s head to pass through easier. I know, it makes us squeeze our legs together as well! But don’t let the idea of it cause you nightmares. It’s done under an anesteatic so you won’t feel it, they won’t do it without your consent and it’s a much better option than tearing (now THAT’S something to squeeze your legs together about!)

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