Hannah Lucy

Hello festive friends,
I had a Vlog all ready to go up yesterday but decided not t upload as I was ranting and moaning about some nasty messages I received on here. I concluded that by getting angry and upset about them on here it would just be negative on my channel which is not me.So here we are on Christmas eve (I am in a much better mood hehe)
I did want to put in the mini lush haul Francis did so I have added a very small snippet of it at the end of this Vlog.

Merry Christmas everyone – I can’t thank you enough for being here .. by being here you are helping my channel grow which means so much to me. I never take it for granted and love feeling part of something as cool and fun as this.
I feel like I have made some wonderful friends since doing this, and I hope to continue making videos.

Hope you all have an amazing day and enjoy the festivities.

Love to you as always xx