Craniosynostosis Metopic Synostosis (Trigonocephaly) & AUTISM

Stacey Leigh

Hello!! Hope your all well. I wanted to share with you what’s been happening recently. Metopic Synostosis (Trigonocephaly) in Children is something I’ve never heard of until Now. I feel so helpless and just want to help him right away and all these appointments take so long. I think sometimes as humans we ask ourselves how much more can our family take, but then you refocus and realise that you have to stay strong. Love you all. Stacey xxxx

Never asked to be nominated guys I’m so new to this.But I would be amazed if I was nominated for best use of video

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Hey! I’m Stacey, Welcome to my YouTube channel.

I’m a mum of two – a girl called Reika-Asia who is 10 and a boy called Jacob who is 22 months

Let’s just say my life has been ‘different’ and it’s fair to say there were more down’s then up’s. I was also a single teenage mamma for a while. I am now married to the love of my life and we raise our wonderful family together.

Jacob is currently being assessed for Autism

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