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Channel Mum

Sophie, Lorraine and Kate have been trying out the new Cuggl Hawthorn Pushchair, and to see just how ‘mum-friendly’ it really is they have put it through six specially designed challenges. They are…

The Value & Style Challenge – to test whether the appearance of the pushchair is in line with the cost.
The Weather Challenge – to see if baby will be shielded from the elements when Mother Nature does its thing.
The Folding Challenge – to find out if it is easy to get in and out of the car.
The Lift Challenge – to check that it’s not too heavy to lug around.
The Sleep Challenge – to determine whether or not baby can sleep soundly in the pushchair… VERY important!
The Shopping Challenge – to judge how much space there is for all our mummy bits and bobs.

What score would you give the Cuggl Hawthorn Pushchair?

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