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Following the success of Holly’s “Mindful Mumma’s” series, I wanted to get in on the action, so every month I will be hanging out with some of my Dad friends to see what they get up to in their small amount of free time.

Welcome to my Dad Dates series – Yes, this may just be a good excuse to hang out with other Dads, but hopefully you will agree, I am not exactly taking it easy.

This month, I had the pleasure of taking Chris Ingham “Indoor Rock Climbing”… and in return he took me “Aggressive Inline Skating”. We were both a little uncomfortable with each other’s sport, but gave it a good go… One of us came off worse than the other.

I have never been to a skatepark before, well… at least not to skate. So was understandably pretty nervous, especially after watching Chris show me some of his skills, but I was “DADicated” to trying my best. Let me know what you think… Should I stick to climbing (or parenting, ha ha).

Huge thanks to Chris Ingham and his skater mate (also Chris) for letting me tag along. I think we should get Sarah Ingham and the girls doing it next time.

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