DITL | Channel Mum VIDCON | 2017 Vidcon

Lara Jarvis

Hope you enjoy this little video of the 2017 Channel Mum Vidcon which I was so pleased to have attended. This year’s Vidcon was held at YouTube in London. This is just a very short video of our day with a few of the highlights. The speakers were so inspiring and I found the whole day pretty emotional, which really wasn’t the feeling I was expecting!
One of my favourite speakers was Alex Holmes, who was head of the Anti-Bullying charity Anti Bullying Pro, please go and check out their work online – I will probably be making a separate video on this important charity, so keep your eyes peeled. #standuptobullying @antibullyingpro
Once we had finished up we headed to the House of St. Barnabus where we enjoyed a really lovely evening getting to know each other a little bit more and generally having a jolly good time!

Thank you to Channel Mum for organising such an amazing event, and to the sponsors who made this event possible, I really enjoyed myself and can’t wait for the next one. Thanks for watching xx

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