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When using cloth nappies, it’s not possible to use barrier creams (such as Sudocrem) as they affect the absorbency of a cloth nappy, which can result in leaks.

So The Tiny Mumma did some research and we have been making and using this homemade organic nappy cream with Atlas since birth.

During the first 3 months we used a combination on cloth nappies and biodegradable disposables and by using this nappy cream, have never had a problem with nappy rash.

This stuff is incredibly useful and can be used for baby massage, or by mummy’s for their sore nipples or stretch marks. It’s also pretty good at moisturising daddy’s hands.

It is very simple and easy to make, it is also cheap and lasts for ages, we usually make up a large quantity and have tubs handy all over the house, car, changing bag etc…

Depending on the temperature, you can also change the ratio’s to make sure you always have the best consistency… e.g. If it gets cold in winter, add more coconut oil and it will naturally melt with your body temperature. If it’s too hot in summer, try using a little more Shea Butter in the mix to stop it from being so runny.

We talk more about using cloth nappies in our next video, so be sure to check that out and if you have any comments or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you below.

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