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There was a time when visiting the doctors and taking a pee-on-the-stick pregnancy test that you bought in the chemist just weren’t options. So what did those women do? They relied on what is now called a ‘homemade’ or ‘DIY Pregnancy Test’, and their quirky methods are still tried out by many women today. But do they work?

Jodie Izzo is a mum of three boys, is she pregnant with baby number four? We got her to try out these DIY pregnancy test methods to see what they say, as well as taking a bought-over-the-counter pregnancy test LIVE to confirm whether she really is or not. What will her result be? Watch to find out!

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When Can I Take A Pregnancy Test?

If you think you might be pregnant, it can be really tempting to test straight away, but the earlier you take your test the less accurate the result. There are some ‘early’ pregnancy tests on the market now that claim to be able to give an accurate result as early as five days before your period is due, but if you take one and it shows up as negative, it might be worth re-testing on the day your period is due just to be sure.

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