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Does using dummies cause problems in babies and toddlers or do they make your baby happier? In this week’s Mum’s The Word Debate, Charlie asks Katie from DollyBowBow, Lucy, Stacey what they think or dummies and if they have used them. Have you or would you use dummies with your children?

Dummies and breastfeeding, Should I give my baby a dummy?

Many mums find that a dummy can still be of use if they are breastfeeding, however health experience may recommend that you limit use in the early days as they could make it harder for your baby to feed.

When can a baby have a dummy?

If you feel your baby would benefit from using a dummy you can offer one from birth.

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Taking part in this video is:
Katie from DollyBowBow
Stacey Leigh
Charlie O’Brien
Lucy Roberts
Katie Ellison
Ashley Baillie
Laura Byrne
Corrine Hounslow
Lisa Lumley
Lynn JT