Easy Healthy Snack Ideas | Weight Watchers Diet | Tips & Tricks Used To Loose Weight

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Today’s video is all about snacks!

I have shared with you my absolute snacking favourites right now, which are perfect for a healthy lifestyle, diet (such as Weight Watchers, which I follow) and a whole host of dietary requirements.

These snacking essentials are my go to every single day when I need a quick pick me up.

Throughout my teen years I yo-yo dieted, and in my late teens I went from a size 26 jeans down to a size 12!! This was one of the best things I did, for my body and my mind. Since then I have had two beautiful children and gone up and down with my pregnancy weight. When my youngest (Emme) was 6 months old I decided it was time to start trying to be healthy again. That was when I joined Weight Watchers. Since January 2017 I have lost over 3 stone in weight, and completed two 0-5k, 10 week running courses.

Here on my channel and on my website (https://jessicaanne104.com) I help women, such as yourself, to be healthier and happier in their busy lives by sharing the realities of juggling diet and exercise while being a busy Mum. Plus tuns of encouraging , motivational and supportive posts and videos so that you can feel confident that your journey to being the best you can be matters.

Are you doing Weight Watchers or on a healthy journey as well, how are you finding it? I’d love to hear from you in the comment box below.

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