Chloe Bridge

How do you cope with emetophobia when you have children? This was a question I asked myself all the time before I became a mum, so I wanted to share my story in the hopes that it will help make you less anxious about the thought of having children.

I worried a lot about things like morning sickness when pregnant, and my children getting sickness bugs. This video explains the things I’ve found surprisingly OK to deal with, and the times when it’s been harder.

I found this video quite difficult to film as it makes me anxious to voice my thoughts on emetophobia outloud – so please bear with me!


I’m Chloë. I live in London, UK, with my three boys, aged six and under, and my boyfriend, Sam. And my absolute favourite thing in the world is documenting our family story through words, videos, and photos.

I started my blog when my firstborn was a baby. I was 25, and my whole world had changed with an unplanned pregnancy. I felt lonely and bored and was hoping a blog might help connect me with like-minded parents whilst also giving me a much needed creative focus.

Our sudden ascent into parenthood was messy, life with kids is messy, and so is the state of my head at the best of times- hence Sorry About The Mess.

Things are much more settled in our life now. I’ve gone on to have two more children, and you’ll mainly find me chatting about house renovations (we bought a fixer-upper), my motherhood experience so far, and plans for our upcoming wedding!

As well as blogging and vlogging, you can find me chatting away daily on Instagram.

The digital record, that’s for me, really. So I’ll be able to look back and recall every fibre of the happy moments, the everyday moments, and the big life events that make up our family story.



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