Emily’s Home Birth Story with Channel Mum

Channel Mum

After two low risk births with her older boys, Emily Norris chooses to have her third son at home in a birth pool. She kept the Channel Mum viewers updated as she progressed through labour on the Channel Mum Facebook page and in this video we find out how Emily and baby Jackson got on afterwards which contains clips from her Facebook Live videos and UNSEEN footage of her birth.

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Having a Home birth

Many women choose to have a home birth rather than go to hospital to have their baby. It is important you discuss your birthing options with your midwife and health care professionals and if they have any concerns they may feel it is safer for you and your baby to be nearer medical care. Many women who decide to have a home birth hire a birthing pool and feel that their labours can be much calmer and more relaxed in a home environment. They always have an experienced doula or midwife present for the birth.

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