Father’s Day Tie Card

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Father’s Day Tie Card 👔

Here is an easy Father’s Day craft idea for anyone struggling with last minute gift ideas.

Materials Needed:
Construction Paper (2)
Glue or double sided tape

•Fold first piece of colored paper in half. Open and cut about 1inch off the top right side.
•Cut two slits on the other top left side.
•Fold the two slits of paper down and form the collar of the shirt.
•Take the second colored paper and fold the top portion into two triangles. (Like an airplane)
•Then fold the long sides over and meet in the middle. Fold both sides over again.
•Tape the crease.
•Fold the square bottom up as many times as needed to fit the shirt and tape down.
•Add double sided tape to the back of the tie and collar.
•Place on shirt where desired.
Let your child decorate and ENJOY!