Frozen – Short film about Locked-In syndrome.

Anna's Big Adventure

When Seth Posner suffers a brain injury at work he is left in a vegetative state, existing in the world of his memories, dreams and imagination. He is suffering from ‘Locked-in Syndrome’ and although he is frozen in the prison of his body, his mind is lucid and he can perceive perfectly the hospital room he is peering out in to. His wife, Sarah, and best friend Jordan’s beside vigil turns the room into a theatre of confessions and revelations, as they do not realise Seth can see and hear everything they are saying. Seth’s past life is unravelled in front of his eyes and he feels like a stranger in his own motionless body. It is only when a keen eyed doctor diagnoses Seth’s condition that Seth learns to communicate by blinking his eye, that he is able to make a revelation of his own. – Directed by Chris Austen.