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Going to ‘big’ school can be a stressful and emotional time for families. LeapFrog and Channel Mum are on hand with our School Readiness SOS videos. We’ll help you with some practical tips, support and ideas that will help your child and YOU!

September is coming round fast and soon the children will be taking up their primary school places for the very first time. See how our mums are getting on and find out what learning skills they need to start teaching their children to prepare them.

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Here are some tips from LeapFrog for your child before they start school:
– DO attend settling-in days to help them to feel more relaxed – they’ll be able to meet the teacher and experience the classroom environment. Point out things they will be able to enjoy next time they come to school, such as the playground
– DO help them find a familiar face if your child isn’t starting school with friends from their existing nursery or preschool
– DO introduce books and stories so your little one can see how letters correspond to sounds and words to sentences. Sharing stories and pointing out specific sounds is a gentle way to introduce this
– DO encourage basic etiquette, namely taking turns and listening when others speak
– DO role play to help your child to feel comfortable approaching and talking to their teachers and to not be intimidated.

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