girls just want to have fun. daily vlog #54

Occasional Vlog

My final child-free day of the holidays meant a trip to Thorpe Park for me, Felicity and her friend Emily. It was a landmark moment for me being the first “big” theme park I’ve visited since I’ve lost a lot of weight. For many many years I would have loved to go on extreme rides, but was too self conscious of my size or scared for my safety. I’m by no means a slim jim now, but I easily fitted into the safety harnesses and was unconcerned for about my appearance. It felt Fantastic!!
What was intriguing and even a little irritating, was that after trying three different hard core rides just to be sure, I came to the decision that I really REALLY don’t like them anymore. Far too scary!!
So now I can, but don’t want to…! Which is actually better than wanting to but being unable.
We had a superb day – the girls were brilliant company and it was lovely not to have to worry about small people.
So far we’re handling these summer holidays pretty darn well!
EJ x

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