Halloween Corn Maze Family Day Out

Jenny Ripatti-Taylor

This past weekend, we hopped in the car and headed to our favorite pumpkin patch and this year the kids were big enough to get involved in the amazing Corn Maze treasure hunt they had too. We had so much fun running around being silly, Daddy jumping in and out of the corn and scaring the kids as they searched desperately for their fruit and vegetables on their list. The sun came out and it waas the perfect family day out for us. I definitely would recommend looking for your local one near you. I just searched online and found one only 20 minutes away. While it was really busy on the first day we scooped up our pumpkins so we could get carbing them this week. Can’t wait to share with you all what we are carving this year. Come find us on http://www.letstalkmommy.com or on social media too @letstalkmommy Thanks for watching.