Help… Our 4 Month Old Is Teething!!! | NomadiDaddy

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Baby Atlas has teeth!? What…!? He’s only 4 months old…

This is something we weren’t expecting yet… so once we had noticed, we did what all modern parents do… we went online for some advice.

In fact, we sent out an SOS via Holly’s Instagram and were amazed by the helpful responses. There really is a fantastic online community of parents who can offer advice when you know where to look.

If you’re like me and don’t have a large Instagram following, there is still hope… you can head to the Channel Mum website (the online village for all things mum… and dad) and find tons of useful information.

There is even a section of “Mum SOS” videos, designed to help parents through these tricky times…


If you can’t find a specific topic, fear not they have a great Facebook group that you can join to chat about anything that you need advice on, or if you just want someone to say hi to.

It’s a great community for parents, so do come check it out:

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