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Alex Gladwin

Today I am collaborating with Dutch lifestyle retailer HEMA who have given me up to £30 to spend on their Easter range. I hope you like seeing some of the things I picked out.

Visit http://www.hemashop.com/gb/ to find out more.

Online and in-store Easter activity:

From 3rd April children who visit HEMA will be able to participate in an in store Easter egg hunt.The Easter eggs will be in form of ‘Easter egg shaped’ floor stickers which are hidden in various parts of each of the stores (apart from Hammersmith store).

Also from the 3rd April, online visitors must look for Easter eggs hidden in different parts of the webshop, once they find the Easter egg they will be awarded with a £5 online discount. Visit http://www.hemashop.com/gb/shop/easter to find out more.

Thank you for watching! xx


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