How Much Does IVF Cost? Lesbian TTC UK

Lisa and Lynsey

How much does IVF really cost? And how much do you really need to save vs. what the advertised price? Of course every treatment plan is different, but hopefully this will give you a bit of an idea of some of the extra things you need to plan for.

We are Lisa and Lynsey. Thank you for joining us on our 40+ IVF UK TTC Journey.

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22 weeks with heartburn:

Not enjoying pregnancy:

TTC giveaway:


Lisa can’t stop thinking about dying:

Lynsey’s pre IVF diet:

Our 12 Week Scan:

First Trimester Update:

We Are Pregnant:

Embryo Transfer Day:

Our IVF Egg Retrieval:

Follicle explainer + fears over egg quality:

Our first IVF injection went wrong!

What is mild IVF?

Our first IVF appointment:

How we chose our donor:

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Our fourth cycle of IUI:

Results of our fourth cycle:

Our first IUI of 2018: