How To Choose a Vlogging Camera| Mum SOS from Channel Mum

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Desperate to find the best cameras to make videos with? Natasha asks other vloggers for their favourites and their top vlogging tips.

What should you look for in a vlogging camera?

The Channel Mum vloggers have chosen cameras which are easy to use, not too expensive and perform best, with the Canon GX7 being a firm favourite.

How do I go about starting to vlog?

The first thing you need to do is check out the How to Vlog section here on Channel Mum. It has tips on what equipment you need, what sorts of things you should vlog about and how to grow your audience.

Fancy becoming a Vlogstar?

For the month of February we have an amazing competition running where you could win your very own Channel Mum Contract and a Canon Camera!

Taking part in this video is:

Natasha Baillie
Ciara Attwell
Rebecca Meldrum
Laura Byrne
Ysis Lorenna
Jules Furness
Jk and Charlie
Charlotte Taylor
Dolly Bow Bow