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Choosing a name for your unborn baby is one of the biggest decisions that every new parent will face and it might even be one of the first things you do when you discover you’re pregnant.

What should I name my baby?

Picking a name that will suit a tiny baby, who will then grow up with that name for the rest of their life, can feel like an overwhelming task at times. And to add to the pressure, research by Channel Mum shows that 70% of people believe a child is judged by their name.

So where do you start? Should you go for something traditional that won’t date? Or perhaps you’re a fan of trendy, of the moment, names or something really unique? The possibilities are endless and to complicate things even more, you and your partner both need to agree on the name.

Don’t worry, the Channel Mum village is here to help; there are tons of useful vlogs from mums disscussing their favourite boys names and girls names, plus advice on how to choose the perfect baby name.

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