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The nub theory and the skull theory – have you heard of them? If you’ve spent any time at all on parenting message boards, you’ll have seen one question pop up over and over again. “Here’s my scan photo… What do you think? Boy or Girl?”

While many will just hazzard a random guess, the skull theory and the nub theory (also known as the ‘angle of the dangle’) are actual techniques that you can use to predict a baby’s gender, and many fans of the techniques have claimed that they are extremely accurate if you know what you’re looking for.

One fan is Lisa Lum, Channel Mum’s Gender Guess Expert, and after years of perfecting her gender-guess skills she is here to share with you exactly how to do it. So if you just can’t wait to find out if baby is a boy or a girl, give this a bash. Or, if you’d rather have our experts guess for you, post your scan picture into our Pregnancy Chat Group right here

Disclaimer: Please remember that there are absolutely no guarantees. We’re not claiming to definitely be able to guess your baby’s gender. It depends on a lot of different factors such as the baby’s position in the scan photo.

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How To Know Baby’s Gender

The nub theory and the skull theory involve looking at your baby’s scan for specific characteristics, such as the shape of their head and the angle of the ‘nub’ (indifferent penis). There are other theories for guessing a baby’s gender such as the heartrate or particular symptoms, but these are old wives tales with little to no evidence backing them up.

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