How to Make an Advent Calendar Tree

Jenny Ripatti-Taylor

This year we are a little late with the sharing of our Advent Calendar. But we have been plagued with colds and trying to catch up with life while joining in Vlogmas too. Phew, here we go. Our Advent is an activity and a happiness challenge one this year. Leaving the sweets behidn and showing the kids a fun and happy December leading up to Christmas. This was such a fun little project you could even get the kids involved in stuffing the pouches and cutting the activity cards out. I got the linen pouches from and the activity cards were from free printable sheets and you can make your own even. I bought these wooden numbers from Dunelm Mill in a pack. Don’t forget to use your command strips so you don’t put holes in the walls. Would love to know what you think of our Advent Calendar Tree and if you have made your own advent calendars I would love to know how you made them. Come say hello on social media @letstalkmommy or on my blog at Don’t forget a thumbs up if you like my video. Happy Holidays.