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At first glance, trying for a baby seems like quite an enjoyable activity to do, right? But anyone who’s been actively trying to get pregnant for a while can tell you that when sex is something that you have to do regularly if you want that baby, it can easily become less of a fun way to connect with your partner and more of a chore.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! We’ve got the input from some top sex professionals, as well as some mums and dads who have been there and done it, to find out the top tips for keeping things spicy and fun when trying to get pregnant. Welcome to the first part of the Channel Mum Real Sex Guide!

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How To Make Baby Making Fun

There are loads of tips in this video, but we think the main thing to remember is that it’s super important to try and not put pressure on yourselves. Sex should be fun, and the second you start thinking of it as something that HAS to be done rather than something that you WANT to do, it becomes a whole lot less fun. So forget about what’s actually riding on it and just enjoy the ride (pun intended).

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