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After watching Eat The Week – a great show on Channel 4 where TV chef, Simon Rimmer shows you just how easy it is to make yummy family food, in next to no time, using Iceland’s frozen favourites – Hey Mummy were inspired to try Simon’s homemade burger recipe.

Because they were feeding lots of hungry mouths, they doubled the ingredients to make a large batch of burgers. You could do the same, but freeze the other burgers to cook at a later date, when you’re short of time.

Katy and Anna served their Juicy Lucy burgers with naturally purple chips and salad, plus a huge variety of condiments, too. Ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, brown sauce, mayo, cheese… the list is endless!

Watch the full video to see how they got on and what their family thought of the new meal.

Juicy Lucy Burger Recipe – Hey Mummy Style!

This recipe serves 4 (so Hey Mummy doubled this)


– 800g Frozen Iceland Lean Steak Mince typically under 5% fat (defrosted in the fridge)
– Salt and pepper
– 200g cheddar cheese – grated
– Iceland Luxury Brioche Buns
– Sliced tomatoes, lettuce and gherkins

Onion jam ingredients

– 4 red onions – sliced
– 150g demerara sugar
– 100ml red wine vinegar
– Sprinkle of Iceland Frozen Garlic
– Sprinkle of Iceland Frozen Red Chilli

TIP: If you’re short on time, replace with a jar of Caramelised Red Onion Chutney from Iceland.


1. Season the meat well and divide into 8x 100g balls, then press out to equal ‘burgers’
2. Put 50g cheese in the centre of 4 of the patties, then put another on top and press all around the edges to seal
3. Fry/grill/griddle for about 10 minutes to cook, turning during cooking.
4. Serve in the bun with onion jam and the other accompaniments.
5. Onion jam – gently fry the onions and garlic for 12 minutes.
6. Add the sugar and vinegar, simmer for 15 minutes until syrupy and jam like. Cool.

Watch Eat The Week with Iceland on All 4 now.

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