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Whether you’re dealing with the after effects of childhood bullying as an adult or you’re looking for support for your child; Channel Mum spoke to Alex Holmes, head of Anti Bullying Pro from the Diana Award, to get some tips and advice.

Watch Alex share his own personal experiences of bullying and how they affected his self-esteem and confidence growing up. Alex was so passionate that no other child should suffer bullying the way he did, he set up the Anti Bullying Ambassador programme, which now exists in over 3000 schools across the UK and Ireland.

How to stop bullying

Alex explains how the most important thing a parent can do to prevent bullying, is to spot the signs as soon as possible; has your child become withdrawn? Have their sleeping patterns been disturbed? Do they suffer from anxiety and not want to go to school?

How to deal with bullying

Speak to your child, ask them what’s going on and what they would like you to do about it – it’s important they feel like they have control of the situation. Afterwards, you need to go to the school and calmly speak to your child’s teacher about what’s going on.

For more support and advice from Alex about bullying, please watch the full video.

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