How to track fertility.

Lisa Lum

Its fertility week on Channel Mum and I have spent many a year tracking my fertility in various ways when doing surrogacy so I thought id do an updated way on how to help track your fertility.
From , OPKs (ovulation predictor kids) to fertility monitors. Also using saliva (patterns) and checking your cervix position or cervical mucous… Or even just finding yourself in the mood! lol There are so many ways to pinpoint your optimal days of fertility so I outlines them here.

Links will be added later!

I’m Lisa, aka Lumdeedums and this is my little corner of odd.
I have 3 children of my own, 1 boy and 2 girls with my husband, Darren.
I do WITL, hauls, cooking, hair dos and random stuff alongside documenting my journeys as a surrogate.
I do both TS (Traditional surrogacy) and GS (Gestational Surrogacy).
I’ve had one surrogate baby so far as a traditional surrogate and am now documenting my journey as a Gestational Surrogate!

Our youngest child is undergoing diagnosis for special needs. Suspected ASD and SPD.
This process will be documented too.

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