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When we’re pregnant we can’t help but think about the birth. We pack hospital bags, we practice coping techniques and most of us will write some kind of birth plan. Unfortunately no matter how much you plan your labour and birth, things rarely go exactly as you had imagined. Every baby is different, every body is different and sometimes things just aren’t lined up properly (or our babies just have completely different ideas about when they’re going to make an appearance!)

Holly (AKA TinyMumma – one half of the Nomadi Daddy dynamic duo) went into hospital for an induction at 38 weeks (on Christmas day no less!) because there were concerns that the baby was measuring too big. This emotional birth story follows the stopping and starting, the tears and the joy as their little one is brought into the world via C-section.

See the full, uncut live videos of Holly’s birth here

How Long Does A C-Section Take?

It depends on the situation. If it’s an emergency section then it’s a pretty quick procedure, usually taking about 2 minutes from the first cut to delivery. Under less stressful situations they tend to take more time, and the delivery itself can take between 10-15 minutes, with an additional 45-minutes for things like delivering the placenta and stiching the mother up. The real time is taken up afterwards during recovery. A C-section is a big operation and it can take up to 6-weeks to start feeling half normal again.

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