Infertility and Miscarriage

Along Came Jay

I hope my son views this one day and knows just how very special he is to us. I am throwing my support to National Fertility Awareness Week 31st October – 6th November 2016 as I’ve had my own battle and it’s a subject close to my heart. Dealing with infertility and pregnancy loss is truly heartbreaking but I hope more and more people talk about a subject which affects so many. Please send me your video and blog links if you too have a story similar to mine.

There are also stories over on the Channel Mum website of many more women going through the infertility and miscarriage struggle which you may want to see. You are not alone.


Wishing you love and luck in bucket loads!


Hi I’m Bella, mum to a little boy called Jay. Life has got so much busier but I’m loving vlogging and blogging about my adventure through Motherhood which is undoubtedly the BEST and hardest job in the World.

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