it’s the end of the world as we know it. daily vlog #50

Occasional Vlog

Day 2 of the school holidays and still we have no police or paramedics involved. I certainly think the diet police should be called because my result on the slimming world scales was fairly criminal, but I’m trying to plead extenuating circumstances.
Age could be a factor. I have now officially become an adult since I have, by choice and somewhat gleefully, purchased a bum bag. For Florida you understand, but having worn it round Legoland today, it may well become my go to item…. It is a Kipling, with a little fluffy monkey hanging from the side, and it is hot pink, so I think that just about excuses me from the totally embarrassing parent arena. Oh, and then there’s the fact that I really don’t care….
A quick jaunt to our local library to sign up for the BFR – Big Friendly Read; Hampshire’s summer reading challenge, then a quick gift from a charity shop to keep the tots a’smiling.
The day ended happily enough for the kids with bedtime stories and Paul home earlier than usual, but I developed a bit of a hump.. Much face pulling and raspberry blowing ensued as I tried to entice Paul into some kind of cathartic arguement but with no luck. He did liken me to an x-factor contestant though so I’m not sure that deserves a response.
All in all, a pretty marvellous day.
EJ x
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