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Welcome to the IVF Diaries. Jules cannot naturally conceive, and her only chance of getting pregnant is to have IVF with donor eggs. This particular IVF story is truly special, because Amber (from Meet The Wildes) has donated her eggs for the treatment.

It’s been a long wait since the eggs were initially retrieved, but now it is finally time to make the transfer and insert the embryos into Jules’ womb. She now has a two week wait to see if it’s been successful, and to see if she is pregnant!

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What To Do After Embryo Transfer

As difficult as it may seem to go about your daily life during your two week wait, it is essential. Bed rest is not recommended, and neither is strenuous exercise, so the general rule of thumb is to try to go on as normal and take a few light strolls. The key is to keep yourself busy and distracted, so try to plan some nice activities with family or friends to keep your mind off of what might be happening in your womb.

I’m Struggling With Infertility. Where Can I Find Support?

Whether you’re trying to conceive naturally, are going through fertility treatment or are considering IVF, there is always someone you can chat to in our friendly Support Group

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