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Is it just us, or is birth not really fair? Us women have to go through all the pain of contractions and pushing a tiny human out of our body (not to mention having needles stabbed into our spine and potential tears in our nether-regions) and the men get away with a sore hand where we’ve squeezed it a tad too hard.

That’s why when ‘labour pain simulators’ became a thing, we just knew we had to try it out! JK took one for the team and tried out this birth simulation, with his heavily pregnant wife Charlie there beside him for moral support… and to enjoy pressing the buttons of course. So ladies, whether you’ve done it a few times yourself or it may be somewhere in the future for you, grab a cuppa tea, sit back and have a laugh watching a man squirm.

What Do Contractions Feel Like?

Even though every woman’s uterus is doing the same thing when labour comes on, contractions can feel different for different women. Some feel it in their stomach, some feel it in their back. Some say it’s like bad menstrual cramps, and some say it feels like their body is splitting in half! It all depends on your pain tolerance, whether or not you are induced, what kind of drugs you have and the way the baby is laying. However labour feels for you, rest assured that once your beautiful baby is here you will forget all about it.

If you’re interested to see how contractions actually happen in the uterus, check out this video

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