Mrs Parrott

Hello everyone, here is a life update for you and a summery picnic that we all enjoyed. I love this weather so much.

ABOUT ME: Hello! I am Kim, a mummy to Brandon aged 11 and Rosie aged 7, a wife to Jamie and also a mummy to Lucy our pooch! I love all things creative, anything from baking to crochet. I also have big love for beauty and interiors.
We live in rural Lincolnshire, in the sticks surrounded by fields!
Jamie works very hard, he is a Retained Firefighter and a Hot tub tech and a Joiner! Basically he can do anything haha! He is a super duper Daddy and a great Husband although he has a tendancy to moan. And when I say moan…. I mean he can moan like an old man about ANYTHING! But i love him all the same!
I am a Cleaner for the same Hot Tub company that Jamie works for, so I clean up after him at work aswell as at home! So not fair! I enjoy it though. I also bake from home, just as a little added extra as and when.
My main job is to be Mummy!
We spend most of our time laughing, having fun and in Jamie’s case, MOANING!
This channel is for us to document our lives so we have it all to look back on and can keep the memories forever. And embarrass the kids when they’re older haha!
My channel is also plugged into the Channel Mum website so you can find me on there too!
Kimmi xx
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